The company has registered a patent for the new process based on modified Bridgeman technique. This patent describes the furnace for a simultaneous multi crystal-growing process, in which the sapphire crystal Boules are grown on c-axis from bottom to top. FAMETEC´s patented multi net shape crystal growth Technology offers 6″, 8” and even larger sapphire Ingot and Wafers for micro-LED and power applications. 6″ and 8″ or larger Ingots are grown in the c-axis to significantly improve the BOW and WARP, yield, productivity and cost of production. Moreover, recently several Patents have been applied. These Ingots are used in subsequent production processes to produce high quality sapphire substrates for the production of high-Performance micro-LED, Quantum computer and power devices. The consistent high yield of the wafer and quality, based on supply chain, green energy supply, industrial production methods and QM systems allow to lower manufacturing costs and reduce CO2 footprint while supplying premium products.