FAMETEC is the sole European state-of-the-art sapphire producer of high quality net shape 6″, 8″ and 12” ingot and offers excellent wafer quality with cutting edge technology for opto – electronics (such as LED, mini-LED, micro-LED), semiconductor, medical and optic industries. FAMETEC has one proprietary crystal growth technology for growing sapphire in multiple net shape with special focus on larger size sapphire crystals. FAMETEC’s crystal growth offers sapphire blanks and finished components with precise geometries, orientations and tight tolerances.

FAMETEC´s excellent sapphire products enable manufacturer to increase yield, lower manufacturing costs and reduce carbondioxide Footprint.  

FAMETEC´s crystal growth focuses on large size sapphire and its facility is located in Leonding, Austria.


EBNER-Industrieofenbau GmbH is founded in 1948, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of furnaces for the refinement of metals like steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.
A specific strength of EBNER Industrieofenbau is seen in its high flexibility and the capability of tailoring of customer solutions. Basically, to produce a wafer grown from Czochralski/Kyropoulos process, a cylinder has to be drilled out of the ingot at an angle of 90 ° (C-axis) to the growth direction, from which the wafers are then cut out.
Based on this method, approx. 60% of the material is scrapped during further process. Moreover, the production waste in comparison with high energy consumption for the melting process, and manual handling decreases effectiveness and efficiency but increase emissions e.g. carbon dioxide.
The multi - sapphire (McSap) patented crystal growth technology used by FAMETEC provides better yield and performance.

FAMETEC is a member of the


Beginning of 2012, EBNER's R&D department has designed and developed a unique furnace generation for growing simultaneously multiple large diameter sapphire single crystals. FAMETEC´s vision is to supply energy efficient, low cost and highest quality sapphire single crystals for micro-LED and power applications.
It has been registered on 17th of October 2020 as Spin-off to combine its knowledge and technology. FAMETEC´s patented crystal growth technology offers large sapphire ingots and epi-ready wafers for production of micro-LED, Quantum computer and power devices. 6", 8" and 12” ingots are grown in the energy efficient furnace in c-axis to significantly improve the BOW and WARP, yield, productivity and cost of production to support the growth of the micro-LED, Qauntum computer and power market. These ingots are used in subsequent production processes to produce high quality single side or double side large size epi-ready sapphire substrates for the production of high performance micro-LED and power devices. The consistent high yield of the wafer and quality allow our customers to increase the yield per wafer and lower manufacturing costs.

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